Profit Retention Strategy

Automated Retention Strategy

Looking to boost your customers and profits?

This is a fast cash injection strategy that is giving business owners all around Australia amazing results.

If you have a database of your current or past customers/clients…

you are going to love this automated sales system.

We wanted results, which meant filling our appointment sheet - and this over exceeded our expectations.

Instant Results

Positive Return on Investment

Re-ignite your business

Save money on generating new business

Simple Done-for-you service

We never stop testing and optimising

If you are not using a retention strategy you are missing out on revenue.

Your greatest opportunity as a business owner to generate an abundance of revenue is to retain and nurture your new customers or clients – so that they become lifetime customers.


We are offering a proven multi million dollar customer revenue generating system – that we know you are going to love.

Does you business have a database?

If you have a database of past or existing customers or clients, there is a huge untapped potential to generate you fast business.

Why focus on generating new business that is costly, when we can put together an automated sales system that will continually help to boost your profits by giving you customers for life.

With this retention system, we are keeping you in your customers mind. Enticing them to come back and to use your services again. Nurturing them to become a loyal, life long customer.

Automated done-for-you sales and marketing system

How does it work?

1. We extract your current information from you database.

2. We create an automated sales funnel using customised tools. 

3. We use a highly skilled copyrighting experts to handcraft a sequence of emails. These promotes your products & services, ask for referrals and up sells new services.

4. We “press play” and the automated sales system kicks into gear.

5. We track, measure and monitor the results.


This is completely automated and will quietly run in the background while you start getting new calls and enquiries.

The power comes from the “Sales Funnel” we create

We set up automated triggers depending on the direct actions that people take.

Someone didn’t open the email? No problem.

The following day they can get an email with the headline of “Did you check out our new offer”.

Did they click on a link but didn’t buy or call?

No problem, we will send them a similar offer again. 

We are able to segment the database based on what people are interested in and then setup sequences of emails/SMS that goes out to them.

This will be worked out with you to ensure that the flow and sequence will maximise you fresh business.

Timing is always perfect

Our Campaign messages are triggered only when a prospect takes specific action or a defined period of time has passed. This ensures that marketing messages are always delivered right when they are needed and when they can provide the most value.

Not everyone will be getting the same message each time, which is perfect for the natural flow of business.

Tailored to fit your needs

Despite their sophistication, our sales nurturing campaigns are easy to manage. As part of our ongoing management service we will measure and track what is working and make tweaks. The end result will be a perfect system that will really transform how your business runs.

Who needs this retention sales system?

Are you a business with a database?

Are you looking to generate more sales and bring back customers?

Perhaps you are already sending out a “monthly newsletter”.

However, with our automated sales system, we will create a complete marketing and sales system – that is fully automated, and will drive you consistent prospects back to your business.

Customised to YOUR business needs

We work with you to create the perfect structure and system.

It’s easy to manage once we create the infrastructure.

You are able to add in any offers or emails to the sequence as it can also be fully managed and accessed by you or any of your staff.

What is a customer or client worth to your business?

From out experience, most business owners do not have in place strategies to either attract new business, or to nurture and retain the business that they have worked so hard to generate.

Let’s go over some examples from researching these types of businesses…


Plastic Surgeons:

Average Procedure cost in Australia = $15,000

The average number of procedures someone will want over 2-3 years =  3

= $45,000 Revenue 

When you multiply this by referrals to their friends – research has shown that is expands to over $300,000.


So every new client is worth over $300,000 over a lifetime.

If we could generate even 2 new clients per month to a plastic surgeon, what do you think they would be willing to pay?



Day Spa: 

Average price $150

Number of appointments per year = 10

= $15,000 in revenue each year

Multiply that by referrals and it would expand to over $50,000 per year.

If we could re-ignite an extra 10 clients what would that be worth to your business?



Pest Control:

Average price of a pest treatment = $500

Number of appointments over 3 years = 5

= $2,500

Multiply by referrals and it expands to over $10,000 – lifetime value.



Hair Salon’s: 

Average price of a pest treatment = $200

Number of appointments per year = 5

= $1,000

Multiply by referrals and over a few years and it expands to over $15,000 – lifetime value.

What’s the life-time value of a customer to your business?

What is the investment?

We like to keep things simple, easy and focus on a positive return on investment.

  • Automated Sales System

  • AUD$1999One Time Setup
    • Creation of the virtual infrastructure of your own online sales & marketing tool
    • Highly crafted emails by copywriting experts
    • Creation of a sales funnel that is triggered by the actions people take
    • Ongoing support, measuring and optimizing

      Monthly Investment:
      Management, optimisation and access to the system is

      $999 per month

If you would like to find out more get in touch with us.